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Free Binary Options Signals: Dow Jones to Gain this Week!



There has been a lot of downward pressure on the EUR/USD forex binary option in recent trading sessions, as traders felt that it was very much overvalued. In addition, the pair made some very big losses in early morning trading. The pair has actually been able to make a bullish comeback in the past hour or so. This is as there is so much risk appetite in the forex market today. Taking this into account, you should see what is in it for you while trading the EUR/USD forex binary option. Call options are the way to go today.




The GBP/USD pair has slumped below the $1.5000 level in the past few trading days, as there is just very little confidence in the British currency. On the other hand, there is a lot of confidence in the U.S. currency. The greenback is very strong after there has been the release of a lot of positive economic data from the U.S. economy in recent trading sessions. There is currently an upsurge for the pair this Monday. With this being the case, Call options may be the way to go this week, as there GBP/USD forex pair is very much undervalued at the moment.




The USD/JPY forex binary option started the trading session weaker. This is following the very heavy losses which then yen made during the previous week of trading. It is good to see that the yen is actually trading lower today versus the dollar after it was higher only recently. This just shows how the economic situation and the forex market is very volatile. The fact is that there was a surge in Asian stocks earlier this Monday, which gave traders the much needed confidence to sell the yen and buy into the dollar. Get ready to open Call options in the USD/JPY pair, as further advances lay head.




The crude oil binary option has been gaining for the past 5 trading days, as traders feel that there is so much bullishness in the black gold. There has been so confidence in the past week or so, as the previous losses were overdone. In addition, there are just so many factors backing the crude oil binary option these days. For example, the unrest in the Middle East seems to be pushing crude prices much higher. In addition, the fall in crude oil inventories seems to be one of the key reasons why the commodity is so strong at the moment. Taking all of the above into account, start opening daily Call options in the crude oil binary option now.





The gold binary option is higher by nearly $15 this morning, as traders are in the mood to go bullish on the yellow metal. The fact is that there has been a resurgence in risk appetite today, as investors are in the mood to take some very big risks. This has been the case since the beginning of today’s trading session. It is likely that gold will continue going higher today. Therefore, start opening Call options in the gold binary option.




We saw a lot of strength for the Dow Jones on Friday. This came due to the release of better than forecast jobs data. Traders felt that it was worth it for them to go bullish on the index. Therefore, you may want to start opening Call options in the Dow Jones binary option if you feel like making some big money in the coming hours of trading today.

Alan Carter