Posted July 1, 2013 by Alan Carter in Binary Options Forecasts

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There is a lot of volatility when speaking of the EUR/USD forex binary option this morning. Traders are of the view that it is worth it for them to go long on the EUR/USD pair. The EUR/USD pair is higher as of now by 0.31% at $1.3051. Traders have decided to buy into the euro today and sell the dollar. This is as there has been so many factors affecting the movement in the leading currencies. You may want to go long on the EUR/USD pair to make the most returns from the EUR/USD.




The GBP/USD pair is higher at the moment by 0.12% at $1.5226. The pair has been bullish for several hours now. With them willing to take risks, this has only helped the pair advance. The fact is that the dollar is one of the weakest currencies today. On the other hand, the pound is much higher. The pound is being backed by the release of a certain amount of positive economic data from the British economy this morning. More strength is likely to be the case for the pair, so get ready to open your Call options while you have a chance.




There has been much bullish sentiment for the USD/JPY currency pair since the beginning of today’s trading session.  The USD/JPY forex binary option is trading much higher today by 0.46% at 99.64 yen. Traders have much confident in the yen today, as there was a fall in Asian stocks earlier this morning. The yen has and big losses versus all of its peers this Monday. The dollar has slumped versus most of its main currency counterparts today. This is the behavior we have seen when it has comes to the currency market. To see more of the make later tis Monday would be of no surprise to many of us.




The crude oil binary option is higher as of now by 50 cents. This is in contrast to the losses which we saw in early morning trading. The fact is that crude oil is undersold, which has attracted a lot of traders into the commodity today. Therefore, you may want to see what is in it for you while you trade the commodity today. The reality is that crude oil futures are backed by the much weaker dollar. In addition, there has been the release of very strong data from the leading economies earlier this morning. To see much of the same would be of no surprise. Traders should take a look at what is in it for them by opening Call options.




Gold futures have made some very impressive gains in the past few days of trading. Gold has been able to advance by $20 this morning. Traders feel that it is worth it for them to go long on the commodity today. There has just been so much strength for the yellow metal. Traders have a lot of confidence after selling Asian stocks earlier today. There may be more gains later on, so get ready to open Call options lately.




The Dow Jones made some very big losses on Friday. Traders just do not feel that it is worth it to go long on the Dow Jones today. Traders are of the view that the Dow Joes is a big index. There may be a bullish comeback when it comes to the Dow Jones later. Therefore, be sure to open your Call options this morning if you have some ambitions.

Alan Carter