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Free Binary Options Signals: Dow Jones to Surge this Afternoon!



The euro has been very weak this morning. On the other hand, the dollar has been quite strong, as there are a number of factors backing the U.S. currency. The American economy is growing at a very steady pace. However, this is not true when speaking of the Eurozone. There are many fundamental problems when speaking of the Eurozone, which has pushed traders into the greenback. The EUR/USD pair may continue sliding later on. Therefore, now may be a good time to open you

r Put options in the EUR/USD forex binary option.




The dollar has also managed to make some impressive inroads into the pound today. Traders just do not feel like putting their money into the British currency due to the many problems that are associated with the British economy. Therefore, you should take this into account if you really are a serious trader. However, the dollar has shown what a bullish currency it is. This is largely due to the U.S. economy growing at a much faster pace than the British economy. With further losses expected for the GBP/USD pair, begin opening Put options as the trading day passes by.




The good news is that there has been a lot of strength when speaking of the USD/JPY forex binary option today. This is largely due to the very weak yen. The 2 contrast, as the dollar is strong and the yen is weak. Therefore, the strength of the USD/JPY pair this morning is of no surprise. What may be a good idea is take advantage the latest market movement. This will at least give you a chance to earn the returns which you deserve in the coming trading days. The USD/JPY pair may continue its surge in the coming hours of trading. With this in mind, get ready to open your Call options in the pair as soon as possible.




There has been a lot of weakness for the crude oil binary option this morning. The bearishness has been apparent since the commencement of today’s trading session. Therefore, you will need to understand all of the risks which are apparent when speaking of trading crude oil. The commodity has been driven much lower due to a resurgent dollar. The fact is that there is very little risk appetite when it comes to the top commodities today. Therefore, you may want to remain cautious if you intend on trading crude oil and other energies this Monday afternoon. Get ready to open Put tons now if you intend on earning some very high returns this Monday afternoon.




Gold futures have been trading lower by around $10 since early morning trading. This is after the commodity fell by about $100 last week. There is just very little confidence when speaking of the top precious metals. You will need to take this into account while trading this Monday. Traders have ditched the gold binary option due to the problems which are associated with the global economy. With further losses in mind, start opening Put options in the gold binary option.




The Dow Jones was able to gain during Friday’s trading session. The advances which we saw were a relief to traders. Therefore, you may want to start following the factors which are keen to drive the markets if you are interested in making returns when it comes to trading the Dow Jones binary option. You may want to start opening Call options in the Dow Jones in the next few hours.

Alan Carter